Micro-Trains Tank Car Series – Kanotex Refining Company

Micro-Trains Kanotexex Tank Car

Micro-Trains Kanotex Tank Car

With its May 2013 announcements, Micro-Trains has announced a new series of oil tank cars which will feature 12 unique single-dome cars. The first release will be available in October 2013.

N Scale Frisco modelers may be interested in the first in the series, the Kanotex Refining Company, as it was based in Caney, Kansas. The Frisco ran through the townships of Cherry and West Cherry in Northeast Montgomery County Kansas, and Caney is located in the Southwest part of Montgomery County, but these cars would have been good candidates to travel the tracks of the SL-SF, AT&SF, MP, and MKT Railroads.

According to a Wikipedia article, the company began operation in 1909 and the brand went defunct in 1953 when the company was acquired by the (also now-defunct) Anderson-Prichard Oil Corporation of Oklahoma City.

Micro-Trains does not list an item number for the Kanotex tank car but all cars in the series will be priced at $26.95. The reporting mark is KOTX and the road number is 503.


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